In general

The Trading house "Kama" is the general tyre distributor of the plant "Nizhnekamskshina".

The main goals of the Trading house are distribution of tyre brands like Kama and Kama EURO and creation of more comfortable conditions of its acquisition.

The primary goal of the company is the wholesale distribution of the tyres whith an annual volume of production about 12 million tyres a year for a total sum over 18 billion roubles.

The trading house "Kama" fulfills following marketing function:

  • creates the assortment of tyre production on the basis of market researches;
  • organizes the distribution from manufacturer to consumer;
  • carries out a support in form of advertising for the brands Kama and Kama EURO.


Now the Trading house "Kama" offers the consumer automobile tyres: about 50 sizes of Kama and 19 models of Kama EURO, 29 sizes of truck tyres - , 8 sizes of light truck tyres and also agricultural tyres.

The brand Kama exists already for a long time already on the marketplace, well-known to motorists and associates the consumer with Open Society "Nizhnekamskshina".

The brand Kama EURO has appeared more recently. The trading house "Kama" began its sale in 2004.

It not simply an other name, it is an absolutely new product which was manufactured in use of import technologies based on the equipment of leading world manufacturers.

For manufacturing of tyres of the given brand high-quality raw materials and the newest compoundings are used. This fact makes Kama EURO as a product of the European degree of quality.



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